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Basic-Fashion Oy


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Finnish clothing company having own buying offices in Bangladesh and Pakistan is looking for a sales rep from Norway


Basic-Fashion Oy is the leading wholesale, marketing and designing company of clothing in Finland. We make collections to all type of retail chains in Finland and Russia.

We also have an own development and sourcing company with local teams in both Bangladesh and Pakistan. Please take a look at

We are looking for a representative for Norway. Representative must be familiar with main retail chains and is known with their responsible buyers and management. Basic-Fashion Oy and Tuli Trading Ltd offers together unbeatable combination to work in close partnership with major retailers and local brands. We can offer our customers competitive collections, very affordable pricing and controlled ethical production with 100% transparency.

Tuli Trading Ltd has representative offices in Germany, USA and Poland. We are serving different types of customers and therefore we can offer wide range of different products, qualities as well as prices to reach many types of customers.

Please introduce yourself to Chairman of Tuli Trading Ltd, Sakari Saavalainen and/or Managing Director of Basic-Fashion Oy, Risto Vähätalo

We look forward to have you part of our winning international team!

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