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Innovative Relief Shoes with flowing liquid for relief of sore, tired, aching feet. Pressure relief, venous pump. Truly sensational. Beyond comfort.


We are looking for Sales Agents in Scandinavia for selling primarily our new and innovative range of innovative liquid gel shoes and footwear.

We are a small but professional company with significant growth plans. Our product range comprise 1.000 SKU's all for the comfortable relief of sore, tired, aching feet and legs: Relief shoes with liquid insoles, compression stockings and a small gel-insole range. We were founded in 1997 and our financial situation is good. We are owned by Bodywear Holding Technologies. You can see our shoes at and our liquid insoles at

Today, we are the only company in the world who has scientifically proven effects of liquid insoles, and to our knowledge the only company in the world with shoes containing liquid insoles.

Our target groups are people who are looking for relief comfortable footwear, and specific end-users include persons with sore, tired, aching feet, people exposed to prolonged standing or walking, hikers, pregnant women and diabetics. We are at the borderline between comfort and therapeutic wear. Obviously, this market is unlimited, all people experience sore feet at some point of their lifetime. 25% of all workers are standing up all day, and 21% are walking all day. Retired seniors outside the labor force is today typically between 25% and 33% of the population (Italy and Japan 33%).

You would visit/approach pharmacies, foot clinics, home health care store, shoe stores, physiotherapy clinics, podiatrists and so forth - any outlet/store reselling products with high relief and comfort. Nursery homes or elderly homes is another opportunity, along with online-retailers within shoes and relief. Its unlimited, even golf may imply sore feet.

The ideal Sales Agent has similar experience from a similar job in selling high-comfort shoes in particular, or stockings or other footwear, bodywear or legwear. Obviously, it is important you have an outgoing/extrovert personality and that you are skilled within sales and negotiation tactics, mastering objections. Further, you are able to sell on non-price arguments and that you are willing to do in-store demonstrations.

We offer attractive compensation. We need to find the right person with the right skills as a first priority. So please contact us to discuss this "business". We know it must be attractive to you.

We find this is a very interesting sales job, since our products will be quite new and innovative.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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ProBody Medical Aps

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